Laredo Junior College Men Win National Title

For the forth-straight year, Laredo Junior College has won the NJCAA Division I National Championship. Coached by Jamie Donjuan, the Palominos narrowly edged Tyler Junior College, 47 points to 41.

Winning their singles flights Moacir Santos (LJC РFlt 1), Francisco Segura (LJC РFlt 2), Maxime Moreau (LJC, Flt 4), Diego Troiano (LJC, Flt 5), Clay Cypert (TJC, Flt 6). Runners-up included Thibaud Aime  (TJC, runner up, Flt 2) and Jose Carlos Tolentino (LJC, runner up, Flt 3).

In the doubles, Laredo’s Santos and Segura topped Tyler’s Dominic McLuskey and Roman Petrunin at #1, 7-5, 6-4. Tyler’s Zack Goldsmith and John Haley beat Laredo’s Moreau and Tolentino, 6-4, ret. at line two. Tyler’s Aime and Cypert¬†took the number three doubles bracket.

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