The Day After

After getting a chance to sleep on the happenings of yesterday, I hope I can speak with an open mind and a clear head.

I got to watch about 80%-90% of the ESPNU coverage last night and even a bit fo the women’s final. It is really hard to complain about it since we rarely get to see college tennis on tv anyways, but the coverage was lacking. I had to have my laptop on to follow the scores because they tended to lock in on one court at a time. The coverage was even worse during the women’s match, where they got stuck the same court for too long thinking things were going to end.

In the women’s match, it was great to see Stephanie Kusano fight back from match point down to take her match to a third set. Of course it was for naught, as UCLA just dominated Cal.

In the men’s match, I found it interesting that they seemed to interview each of the singles players after they won a line, except for Jamie Hunt. Don’t you think you might want to talk to the one kid who is actually from the oppsing state, Texas? Their stats were all over the place and at one point they said Hunt and Schnugg won the 2006 and 2007 U.S. Open Juniors. Nice work, considering they were both already in college and were on the team last year.

Well as for the actual match, I was proud of Jamie for playing so well. He got some good tv time and showed that he is a gamer. He worked Luigi and kept him frustrated.

My predictions for the match were pretty well on, save for the Damico collapse at #2 singles. Either he injured or just needs some time to figure out how to finish off a match. That seems to be his problem right now. He can get up and get close, but has trouble finishing off his opponents.

Kutrovsky played an inspired first set and looked to be heading towards the upset in the third, but must’ve run out of gas. Regardless, that was a great effort. Up 3-1, he lost five straight games.

Varela was amazing all tournament. He used an all-court game that is sometimes just too non-extistent at the college level to perfection.

I am convinced that Milan was going to pull that match out. He let the second set get away from him and then started slowly in the third, but had rallied back.

All in all, not the results Texas wanted, but an effort they should be extremely proud of. With the loss of Luigi and Milan, next year should be one to look forward to.

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