Stuck Inside of Waco, 2008 ITA Indoors Draft

A new concept was born this week in college tennis. The ITA decided that instead of creating a draw based on year-old rankings, they would hold a draft, seeding the top-15 teams (for the most part) as host schools, then letting the remaining schools select the regional they would like to attend via a draft.

From what I have heard, this was a resounding success, as teams were excited to pick their early opponents and prepare themselve to attempt to make the ITA National Team Indoor Championships at the Midtown Tennis Club in Chicago on Feb. 13-16.

Here’s a list of the men’s pods where Texas teams are concerned.

1. Texas (Host)
2. TCU
3. South Florida
4. UC Santa Barbara

1. UCLA (Host)
2. SMU
3. Fresno State
4. South Alabama

1. Mississippi (Host)
2. Rice
3. Wake Forest
4. Kentucky

1. Baylor (Host)
2. San Diego St.
3. Georgia Tech
4. Utah

1. Florida (Host)
2. Texas A&M
3. NC State
4. Arizona

1. Tulsa (Host)
2. LSU
3. Texas Tech
4. Notre Dame

At first look, you will see that Texas A&M selected Florida. The Aggies wanted an outdoor site and have been eyeing the Gators for awhile. Florida loses a few players and A&M is hoping that a few recruits come in that will make them contenders for the Big XII title.

The next thing that sticks out is the pathetic Waco regional. Nobody selected going to play Baylor. Hmmm. Could it be because Waco always sticks it to visiting schools with overpriced hotel rooms in a pretty boring town? Oh wait, they have the Texas Ranger Museum, Texas Sports Hall of Fame and Dr. Pepper Museum. Heck if you head south of town, you can go to the domino factory.

Sure that could be some of it, but the main reason is that coaches are sick and tired of playing games with Matt Knoll. San Diego State, the 40th team selecting was the first team to elect tp play the Bears. This regional has the 40th, 44th and 45th-ranked teams. That should tell you all you need to know about what people think about the program. So I guess the Bears are the only team that can go ahead and make reservations for Chicago already.

I mean seriously, Georgia’s bracket, the two-time defedning champions, was completely filled before anyone selected Baylor. Heck all but the USC, Texas and Ohio State brackets were filled out before ANYONE selected Waco. Hmmm.

For a look at all of the brackets and the selection order, try here.

On the overall concept of the bracket selections, click here

The women’s brackets look like this

1. Baylor (Host)
2. Iowa
3. Virginia Tech
4. Princeton
1. Georgia Tech (Host)
2. Florida State
3. Arizona State
4. TCU

1. Southern Cal (Host)
2. Texas A&M
3. St. Mary’s
4. Michigan State

1. Texas
2. North Carolina
3. Michigan
4. William & Mary (Host)*

On the women’s side, Texas was the fornunate to have the first selection and will be the only top-seed not at home. This could pose an interesting second round with North Carolina and Sanaz Marand.

Again Baylor was the scurge of the selections. It took until the 34th pick for Iowa to elect to come to Waco, followed by Virginia Tech at #42 and Princeton, the second alternate. BYU and Sacramento State took at pass at the regionals. New Mexico elected to be a four seed in Chicago against Northwestern rather than a shorter trip to Waco as a #2 seed.

For a look at all of the women’s brackets, click here

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