Boys’ November Commitments

With really not much going on right now and my promise that I commit myself to writing every few days, I need a topic to write about. Why not delve into the world of the November commitments? Today I will review the boys’ signings and later this week, the girls’.


Let start in Austin where Michael Center wrapped up an interesting class of Chris Camillone (Austin), Ben Chen (Spring), Grant Fleming (Overland Park, Kan.) and Daniel Whitehead (Sugar Land). I say interesting because Chen was a big surprise here. Camillone and Whitehead were already locked up, but the news of adding Chen really give this class some pizazz. Camillone could be a phenomenal player, but he’s a head case at times. Whitehead is a solid kid with good game. He’ll grind his way to some wins for you that you wouldn’t expect and lose some matches he maybe shouldn’t. Fleming is the wild card. He really doesn’t have to much the way of results, but I’ll give Center the benefit of the doubt on this one since he’s originally from there and maybe this is the little engine that could. I mean he is a five-star recruit by, but the results are scattered.


OK, how about the Aggies? They got a commit from one player, Artem Ilyushin from California. Actually he’s Russian. Well this kid can play. He won the Waco ITF, but also has wins this year over guys like Evan King and Bo Seal, but he seems to have a block with Denis Kudla.


Texas Tech got one commit, Andre Stabile (Brazil). Junior results are mixed and average. He has seemed to disappear from that and played a steady stream of Futures on clay all summer and fall. Not sure if they’ve show him picture of the clay courts in Lubbock just yet.


Baylor didn’t sign anyone or get any commitments that we know of. I think they have their 10 full rides filled for the next season already.

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