March 29 Rankings

I have gone ahead and updated the rankings for this week, the links can be found at:



I need to make a few things clear. I am extremely dependent on the results being input to the system in a timely fashion. At times, matches are missing from the previous weekend, so the following week, those will be in the system. Secondly, I have not really validated the data to make sure I am including the right scores 100% in the right ways. What I mean is that there are certain schools within the data that have several spellings for names or may be misspelled somewhere. I will probably get around to fixing these issue after the season, since things are hot and heavy right now.

This is basically a test to generate some interest in a different way of looking at the teams. I welcome any criticisms and have openly responded to several questions asked at

In the interest of generating some discussion, I want to show the NEXT 20 teams here. I think this is were the styles will start to diverge more and more. Anyone who has followed the scores over the last two weeks knows that the teams from 21-40 can beat many of the top-10 teams on the right day. These mid-range upsets could really be the difference of where a team heads come tournament time.

21 Virginia Tech 768.03
22 Univ. of Louisville 767.83
23 University of Washington 761.20
24 Boise State University 760.02
25 Univ. of Tulsa 759.21
26 Duke University 750.46
27 Wake Forest University 750.25
28 Auburn University 745.71
29 Univ. of Miami (Florida) 744.90
30 Univ. of New Mexico 740.58
31 Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison 737.74
32 Texas Tech University 736.05
33 Rice University 731.98
34 Oklahoma State University 731.31
35 Louisiana State University 729.62
36 California 725.26
37 North Carolina 724.04
38 University of South Florida 720.42
39 Univ. of Minnesota-Twin Cities 704.15
40 Fresno State 684.33

21 University of Michigan 807.42
22 SMU 805.79
23 Vanderbilt University 798.81
24 Louisiana State University 792.74
25 Boise State University 790.60
26 Univ. of Texas at Austin 779.43
27 University of Virginia 778.88
28 University of Washington 777.71
29 Univ. of Tulsa 776.04
30 University of Denver 769.37
31 University of Illinois 769.06
32 University of South Carolina 764.90
33 Wake Forest University 764.88
34 Auburn University 760.82
35 Texas A&M University 760.61
36 Ohio State University 751.32
37 University of Alabama 746.27
38 DePaul University 745.86
39 TCU 741.73
40 Indiana University-Bloomington 739.09

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