The draws are out, can you say karma?

Yes, the draws are out and there were some interesting stories. There is so much going on right now that I will keep this simple.

I will provide my invaluable insight in the coming week… but for now…

I am as stunned as Matt Knoll and Billy Chadwick. OK, so you have to move some hosts around, but how do Baylor and Ole Miss get hosed like that? For Baylor, you win the Big 12 regular season and tournament and you get sent off to Tulsa. Yes, they should beat Tulsa and the Lukacs/Brugues matchup shoud be awesome, but that is no picnic.

Knoll was quoted in a Baylor release, “I am a little stunned to be totally honest,” Baylor head coach Matt Knoll said. “I couldn’t be more disappointed for our guys. We spend a considerable amount of time and energy all year to earn a high seed, win the conference regular season and tournament, and we kind of feel like we have earned the right to host. My first reaction is I am disappointed. I am disappointed for David Galic our senior, who doesn’t get to finish his career playing on his home courts and for all of the guys.”

We all know he is holding back. Heck, you’d have to pull me off an NCAA official if this happened to my team, but there are a couple of telling things in this statement.

1. He thinks they are going to lose in the first 2 rounds

2. He isn’t playing David Galic after the first two rounds.

3. He forgot he has three other seniors: John Arvesen, Justin Luningham and Chase McVicker. Remember those All-Big 12 All-Academic players? Don’t worry, Knoll didn’t either.

Well, the NCAA I guess had one word for the Bears


As for Chadwick, he got hosed even worse. Ole Miss has to go to LSU? A conference rival? Really? Johnny Reb is only the hottest team in the country right now and win the toughest conference in the country and they don’t host?

Billy, Billy, Billy. Who did you piss off?


I am still working on a few things and realized this evening that Sacramento State had been omitted from everything I had been doing over the last few weeks. I have corrected the compare sheet and RPI/SOS. I should have the actually rankings page done soon.

I am behind on the women’s side, but hope to have them updated by the time I go to sleep here.

Today’s new toy is under Tournament HQ. You can find the bracket broken down into the regionals, in order of the draw. The team names are linkable to their personal pages with data and schedule information. I only have the men’s done and hope to get the women’s done tomorrow sometime. In the meantime, here’s a direct link to the men’s bracket by regional.

As the week goes on, I will add the official sites, as well as the live scoring links… I hope.

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