Thoughts on the finals and the All-Hottie team


I really don’t have a whole to say on the subject, since no Texas teams were there, but I had a feeling that USC was going to win. I thought that before the Ohio State-UCLA match ended, but after the way that one finished, it seemed obvious that Ohio State was going to be tired. That semifinal had to have taken it out of them. I saw too many guys in the training room afterwards.

It was nice meeting the OSU coaching staff on Wednesday and was sorry I couldn’t spend more time with them, but we both had places to be. Maybe later this week. That’s really the great thing about having the men’s and women’s all at one spot. There are so many coaches, players, fans, staff and writers just hanging around, you get to meet so many cool people… well, and some strange ones too.

I guess the big question circulating the event now is whether Chase Buchanan will go back to school in the fall or just turn pro. I know there was a lot of discussion all spring on the topic of him being able to register and be eligible in the third quarter.


Another byproduct of having all of the men and women together is that there are a lot of college kids around.

I need to stress that I had NOTHING to do with the selection of this team. I am in my 40’s, happily married with two kids. I was handed this information by a student named Chris, who is working the event. It is my understanding that this was compiled by several college guys working the event, but spearheaded by Chris.

To be eligible a student-athlete had to be a member of a women’s team that reached the round of 16 in College Station. To be honest, I had no idea who many of these women were until I did the background research to find the links to their bios, which you get to by clicking on their names. I also found a few extra links for some of the girls.

Joanna Mather, Florida, Fr., Duluth, Georgia
more at – LINK

Claudia Wasilewski, Miami, Jr., Boulogne, France
more at flickr – LINK

Kate Lukomskaya, Arkansas, Fr., Minsk, Belarus

Stephanie Wetmore, UCLA, Jr., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

Yvette Hyndman, Georgia, Jr., Bradenton, Florida

Kristy Frilling, Notre Dame, Fr., Sidney, Ohio

Kelsey Tefft, Notre Dame, Senior, Enid, Oklahoma

Bojana Bobusic, Cal, Senior, Perth, Australia
Life magazine – LINK

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