The Big Reveal, Random Thoughts While Wondering Why John Roddick Picking His Nose is Disturbingly on the Internet and Lukacs plays Davis Cup

OK, it has been a few weeks and that is because I have not really had a whole lot to say. I know there is plenty of tennis going on at every level, but my brain just hasn’t been in the mood to write.

First off, the Big Reveal of my identity will be put to rest this Thursday, I believe with an article by Colette Lewis of on the website

I could go into more detail about this, but read the article. It should all be spelled out in there. Suffice it to say, it was just time.

I appreciate and respect both Colette Dallas do and appreciate their interest in this site.

Why is John Roddick picking his nose on the Internet?

If you haven’t seen it, LINK, the video of the Wimbledon final shows John making a swipe at his nose and then licking his fingers. As the coach of OU, he now opens himself up to all kinds of scrutiny that he never had to endure, even as his brother’s coach.

Not only are there fans at his own school, but plenty of message boards of rival schools, ready to pile on whenever he makes a move. Most college coaches don’t have to endure this sort of thing, but when you are the brother of a high-profile athlete and put yourself in a very public position outside of your university, these sorts of disturbing things happen.

In speaking with several people, there seems to be a couple of sentiments towards Roddick’s move to Oklahoma.

Every person I have spoken to (including opposing coaches) is hoping he succeeds. This is for several reasons, John is a nice guy and having OU better only improves the quality of tennis in the Big XII. It helps the schedules and the competition.

There also seems to be those who are wondering how long he will actually stick this out. He has a history of jumping from one project to another and collegiate coaching is difficult and constant.

Boys on the Tour

I have been following the U.S. Pro Circuits daily and wanted to give a rundown of who was doing well so far. That made me think there are quite a few good players missing from the draws, so I suspect they are playing ‘back home’ and have given the ITF site quite a run-through.

Obviously the guy with the best results so far in the US is Texas A&M’s Austin Krajicek. So far he has accumulated four ranking point points and this week added what looks like three more by qualifying at the Lexington Challenger. His singles ranking will rise to near 890, which is just off his career high of 883 last summer.

In doubles he is doing great. He and Conor Pollock won the Loomis, CA doubles and he and Rhyne Williams reached the finals in Pittsburgh, shooting his doubles ranking to a career-high 851.

Speaking of Pollock, he has not returned to the circuit after injuring his ankle a few weeks ago. I hope to have more news on that soon.

Baylor’s Jordan Rux and Denes Lukacs were busy on the Futures circuit early, but neither gained any points. Lukacs actually played singles for Hungary, losing twice, in the team’s win over Moldova. Lukacs lost to Andrei Gorban, 64 26 75 61 in the second rubber and Radu Albot 6362 in the fifth ‘dead’ rubber.

That’s pretty cool. Getting to represent your country in Davis Cup must be a great thrill.

Texas A&M’s Alexis Klegou has played a couple of Futures in France, but has yet to win a match on clay in the qualies.

I will explore more and discuss the ITA Circuit real soon.

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