Weak Journalism on Wozniacki, Gulbis and Player-x Dramas and Why the WTA Needs to Nut-up

OK, so they played two rounds of singles in Mansfield and the ITA Men’s Texas Regional Championships will be played at Texas A&M beginning Saturday., I really don’t want to talk about that.

Why discuss those when the biggest news in tennis involves prostitution and gambling?

Right now, the story about Caroline Wozniacki defaulting after a leading 75 50 is getting all kinds of scrutiny. One headline from an AP article even stated, “Wozniacki Match Under Investigation for Betting Irregularities.”

If you don’t know the story, google it or just go to any of the top sports news sites.

The irresponsible journalism continues because it follows to say, “apparently sparked bettors to pile money on her opponent when she was on the verge of losing in straight sets.”

Unfortunately this isn’t true. Anyone who has actually read the articles and quotes from Betfair, the biggest player in in-match gambling across the pond, saying there were no irregularities. Buried down in the bottom of the article is this nugget.

“Betfair, however, said it did not have any concerns about the match at this stage, and that the money won or lost was not unusual.”

OK, if the guys losing all of the money don’t have a problem with it, then pardon my French, but WTF?

Yes, the WTA needs to look into this, just to make sure, but people, this is a non-story.

The truth of the matter is Wozniacki did the WTA and the tournament a HUGE favor. She let a hometown girl advance rather than defaulting the next round and having pissed patrons who paid for a match and get nothing because Wozniacki was injured.

If the ITF fines her the $2000 for “lack of effort”, that is a joke too. Lack of effort? She was destroying the girl on one leg. Had there been any more lack of effort, she would have won…

The WTA needs to suck it up and take the fall on this. Somebody needs to get to a podium and back her up and say, “yup, she defaulted. Yup, this looks a bit awkward, but folks, we are in the entertainment business and this is actually what is best for our business and fans. Of course we would prefer that Caroline play tomorrow night, but we understand her injury from playing for 40 weeks this season. We could care less how the betting houses do in relation to our business. They take an inherent risk when our matches are televised and some degenerate polish-speaking gamblers take advantage of the on court coaching we allow. That is not for us to worry about. We are worried about our players and our fans.”

The lesson to this story is to open an online betting account, learn some eastern European languages and sit at home all day watching women’s tennis online, waiting for that moment when someone calls for a coach and they discuss something very few people understand.

–<insert eastern European languages Baylor joke here>

<insert eastern European languages Baylor joke her

I am actually amazed this one has more legs than the fact that two ATP players were busted for solicitation of prostitution in Sweden. You cannot even get the official word on what is going on in Stockholm.

Again, if you have no idea what I am talking about, google it. There are a few random stories.

When I first heard this news, I raced to the ATP site and scoured the draw for who it could be. It was an interesting game.

Amazingly, three days later, we still only know that Latvian Ernests Gulbis is involved. Dude has all sorts of money. Is it a cultural thing? No clue here. I am just stunned that nobody seems to care that these guys resorted to this. From all reports, it’s not like they don’t have options at these events, especially in Sweden.

But you never know. I was at the Masters in Houston a few years back when Marat Safin cut his practice short because not enough hot women were watching him. I kid you not. It was early in the day and there was only this one semi-crazy, semi-hot “fan” watching. He and Peter Lundgren were talking and Safin kept asking where all the hot women were. He finally got bored and called it a day.

I am a bit stunned there is very little non-Swedish reporting on this. It must be a European thing.

Poor Ernests is being hung out to dry. The other “John” has been rumored to either Simone Bolelli, Juan Monaco, Alberto Montanes, Leonardo Mayer or Tomaz Bellucci. The big money seems to be on Bolelli, who is listed in the draw as withdrawing for personal reasons.

I guess spending the night in the Swedish pokie is good as any personal reason.

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