A mess at the top of the rankings

OK, I promised I’d get something up about the new TexasCollegeTennis.com Team Rankings I created today. I haven’t had enough time to really get into them, but here are the links.



The men’s remain very stable at the top with Virginia and Tennessee creating a bit of distance between themselves and the next group of Ohio State and Texas. USC has fallen a bit further behind. This afternoon, while running the rankings, I decided to try something more in line with what the ITA does. When I did this, nothing really changed. A few teams were out a place or two but only a handful within the top-100 were more than 5 places different and none were more than 11 spots out of whack.

The women’s rankings are a different story. I now have Florida, Duke, Baylor UNC, Notre Dame, Northwestern and UCLA as the top-7. In the system they are all so statistically close to each other, literally within 0.086%, from first to seventh. It is a joke how close they are. That is why I tried to run them the additional times, using each week as the start week and re-running. When I did this, Duke and Florida flip-flop, the rest of the top-7 is unchanged and they get even CLOSER together.

Where you see the biggest difference is further down where teams like TCU, Alabama and Kentucky all drop 20-30 spots. Even teams like Texas A&M drop 12 spots. A few like Akron, Oklahoma and Cal Poly all move up significantly.

My brain isn’t sharp enough this late to delve into the details, so I will look over them and report with more later.

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