Quarterfinals and coaches’ interviews in the books at Big 12

Friday is in the books and it has been a busy one. I stayed through the first six matches, but had to leave as the Texas Tech and Nebraska women were about to start. Things went pretty well considering we thought there would be some rain. I think the delay was only about 15 minutes max, so that’s not bad. The forecast shows more on the horizon tomorrow possibly.

I was doing videos and have a bunch posted on the YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/txcollege10s. Included are Texas Tech women’s coach Todd Petty (from Thursday), Texas Tech men’s coach Tim Siegel, Texas A&M’s men’s coach Steve Denton, Texas A&M women’s coach Bobby Kleinecke, Baylor women’s coach Joey Scrivano, Baylor men’s coach Matt Knoll, Texas women’s coach Patty Fendick-McCain and Oklahoma men’s coach John Roddick–for good measure.

I would post a round-up, but I think all that needs to be said is in the releases. Due to a busy family schedule, I may not make any of the matches tomorrow, but could possibly hit the women’s matches after a little t-ball coaching.

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