Women’s percentages to make Final 4

Well, I forgot to do them last week, so I decided to do them for this weekend…. Today I will focus on the women’s draw since they begin play in the morning. Below are the percentages for each team to make the Final 4. It is based on my rankings, which I updated (internally, but have not posted).

Baylor University 38.7%
University of Texas at Austin 10.8%
Stanford 31.9%
Clemson University 18.6%
University of Michigan 32.8%
University of Tennessee 13.8%
University of Notre Dame 29.5%
California 23.9%
University of Miami (Florida) 20.1%
Northwestern University 28.7%
University of Mississippi 12.6%
University of Florida 38.6%
Duke University 18.9%
UCLA 32.2%
Florida State University 11.7%
North Carolina 37.3%

Tomorrow I will be a fan when my alma mater plays Baylor. I know Joey can forgive me that for one day. Of course then afterwards I will be back rooting for the team that wins. It is killing me I won’t be there (but then I couldn’t be a fan).

For predictions tomorrow I think it will be: Baylor, Stanford, Michigan, Cal, Miami, Florida, UCLA and UNC. I threw a couple of minor upsets in there, but that’s been my thinking all along.

I hope it is a beautiful day tomorrow in Athens. Everyone there, please enjoy the tennis for me.

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