How the women fared in Day one and men’s percentages and picks

So for a few minutes, at least online, it appeared that Texas was putting up a fight against top-ranked Baylor. But there’s a reason I selected the Bears to win it all, as they slammed the door and the season shut on the Longhorns. Oh well.

So let’s see how my predictions fared… Baylor, Stanford, Michigan, Cal, Miami, Florida, UCLA and UNC. Hmmm, Baylor, Stanford, Miami, Florida and UNC all paid off, but Tennessee, Notre Dame and Duke (never bet against the defending national champs, dufus) spoiled by selections. With Stanford being the sole Pac-0 squad, that leaves Stanford as the conferences only shot at extending the streak that Colette Lewis mentioned to me of a Pac-10 being in the final every year since something like 1923.

Well enough on that. Time to get the men’s percentages out there and make my picks for tomorrow.

University of Virginia 55.7%
Duke University 9.3%
Stanford University 17.6%
UCLA 17.5%
Ohio State University 57.3%
University of Wisconsin 5.9%
University of Southern California 21.6%
University of Kentucky 15.1%
University of Georgia 15.0%
University of Florida 24.7%
University of Oklahoma 8.7%
University of Texas 51.6%
Texas A&M University 17.9%
Baylor University 17.8%
University of Louisville 14.4%
University of Tennessee 49.9%

For some reason there seems to be an overwhelming difference in the rankings compared to the women. There will obviously be an upset in that group.

For day 1 on the men’s side I am going with: Virginia, Stanford, Ohio State, USC, Florida, Texas, Texas A&M and Tennessee. That’s pretty much chalk.

Texas is going to cruise past OU. Texas is just better. Now in the Texas A&M-Baylor match, I know that Baylor is a better team that they have seemed to be against the Aggies this season. I know the Aggies can’t be real excited to see the Bears again… but then again, they have already beat them twice and know they can win. This will be emotional and personal and a fight to the end, but I really think A&M is a better team this season.

Well, I have to go. The only thing worse than not in Athens this week is not being in Athens and having a sick kid. Ugh.

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