Welcome to the PAC-16, the best tennis conference is history

I really don’t have a bunch of time to sweat on this, but now that it seems that the Big 12, as we know it, is really going the way of the Soviet Union, it may be time to talk about the greatest tennis conference in the history of the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the PAC-16!

Obviously it is still up in the air in as to whether the West Coasters want Baylor or Colorado (they really prefer Colorado), but let’s break this down.

The PAC-10 men’s tennis schools include: USC (2-time defending NC), UCLA (top-10 and 2005 NC), Stanford (top-10 and won it a few times), Cal (not bad, NCAA tournament team), Washington (solid NCAA tournament team), Arizona (NCAA tournament team), along with Oregon.

The Big 12 men’s tennis teams include: Texas (top-4 this season), Baylor (top-10 and quarterfinalist), Texas A&M (top-10), Oklahoma (quarterfinalist), Texas Tech (top-20), Nebraska (NCAA tournament team), Oklahoma State (last team left out of NCAAs this season) and Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, K-State and Iowa State, who all don’t have teams.

So the new conference would be: #1 USC, #4 Texas, #6 UCLA, #7 Baylor (pending their inclusion), #9 Stanford, #10 Texas A&M, #15 Texas Tech, #17 Oklahoma, #18 Cal, #28 Washington, #31 Arizona, #47 Oklahoma State and Oregon. Not too shabby.

On the women’s side, despite Texas’ improvement, this has been all about Baylor. If the Bears gets the invite, they will finally have someone to keep them on their toes within conference. It would include: #1 and defending NC Stanford, #4 Baylor (maybe), #6 UCLA, #12 Cal, #16 Texas, #20 USC, #21 Arizona State, #23 Washington, #37 Texas A&M, #42 Oklahoma, #51 Arizona, #62 Oklahoma State, #72 Colorado (maybe) and Texas Tech, Washington State and Oregon.

Honestly, I like the conference. I know this is being done for football and the travel for the ‘Olympic’ sorts will be a mess, but the level of competition will be tremendous.

I’ll write more as this goes down.

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