The College Tennis Podcast, Episode 1 – 2011 ITA Women’s Team Indoors

Several weeks ago, Colette Lewis and myself attempted to create a podcast prior to the ITA Kickoff Weekend. The idea was to create a college tennis podcast every few weeks to go over what was happening across the country.

We did a great 70-minute recording on Skype that was a lot of fun. Unfortunately, only half of the audio was there when we stopped the recording.

This week we tried again and it worked fine… or so I thought. Anyhow, we completed recording two sessions, then I started mixing the first session. The first session turned out fine. There is still some noise in the background and I promise we will only get better. This one covers the women, who are in Charlottesville at Virginia, while the second obviously covers the men in Seattle at Washington and ended up on the cutting room floor again. Yes, the audio disappeared on half of the recording for the men, so I scrapped it.

So enjoy the women’s podcast and click below. If there is any way we can attempt to record this again, we will try.

CT Podcast no. 1 – ITA Women’s Indoor Team Championship

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