Time for me to move on–maybe

As you know, my real job is with the USTA, as the Communications  and IT Manager in Texas. Last week actually marked my eighth anniversary with the organization. Over the years, I have tried to promote the game I love.

A couple of years ago I started this website for fun. I love college tennis and thought this site could bring something to the table by specializing on a specific area. For the most part I have tried to bring together press releases from as many schools as possible and intermingle them with some commentary, as well as my rankings.

Over the last few years I have also been able to forge many great relationships across the country. Between the website and Twitter, it has become incredibly easy and fun to communicate with an entire audience.

Today I accepted a new challenge and have decided to leave the USTA.

In two weeks, I will become the Manager of the Penick-Allison Tennis Center. What that means initially is that I will be trying to bring new energy to the Longhorns Tennis Camps this summer. We are hoping to leverage the strength of a world class university with one of the best coaching staffs in the country, to provide a special camp experience for the athlete who comes to Austin.

I have to thank my good friend Kevin O’Shea, the Director of Tennis Operations at Texas A&M, who has been an amazing friend through this process. We were friends while together at the USTA and we will continue to be as we work at our rival institutions. Kevin does a great job running the camps at Texas A&M.

Penick-Allison is an excellent facility that is undergoing some upgrades to make it even better. Combine that with the new television network coming to UT and we have the opportunity to do some special things here in Austin. An indoor facility is finally on the way.

There were just so many reasons to get involved and jump at this opportunity. I welcome the challenge.

As for this website, who knows? I will continue to run it as long as possible, compiling the results from across the state, but I can no longer comment on other institutions. We will have to play this out. I am hoping their is some way to continue doing the podcasts with Colette Lewis of Zootennis.com. Maybe we can do a regular college tennis podcast for her site and include Erica Perkins from the USTA. Who knows?

Thank you to everyone who has supported this site.


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