Big 12 Brackets… corrected

It took the Big 12 two attempts, but they finally got their brackets correct. The initial problem came when Texas, Oklahoma and Texas Tech tied for third in the conference men’s race. The initial draws posted OU at 3, UT at 4 and TT at 5. I am not sure how they arrived at this. The real tiebreaker is the head-to-head total. OU beat Texas 4-3, Texas beat Tech 5-2 and Tech beat OU 4-3… that gives Texas the third seed with 8 lines won. Tech then takes the head-to-head over OU…. It really only swaps Texas and OU in places in the draw. Tech was going to be in the same match at the same time regardless.

Baylor is obviously the top-seed with Texas A&M at number two…

Both men’s and Women’s brackets,

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