My early guess at a few of the regional sites

Piddling around on a Sunday, I just cannot seem to leave well enough alone the building of a bracket for the NCAA Tournament. Of course they are going to announce these on Tuesday and the final regular season rankings are not even out until tomorrow, but I just couldn’t help myself.

First I went through and figured out all of the Automatics Qualifiers. The NCAA Tournament website has a list of these, plus many other teams within the top-38 or so that were pretty much guaranteed a spot. There were a few I had to research from the weekend and several were played this afternoon. But once UC-Irvine beat Pacific and Fresno State beat NM State, it was all but decided.

After determining the field, seeded them (1, 2, 3 or 4) based on the current rankings. You also have to take into account the fact that Pepperdine will not be in the tournament, despite their lofty ranking.

Next I plotted their locations, color-coded, into a map to get a feel for where folks might go, using the 400-mile rule. So here’s what I’ve come up with. Of course the regionals will be nothing like this… well, just because.

Texas Regionals

Austin: Texas, Oklahoma, TAMU-CC, random 4-seed
College Station: Texas A&M, random 2-seed, LSU, Alcorn State
Waco: Baylor, Texas Tech, Rice, random 4-seed

Here’s my random 4-seed list for the above teams: Marist, Binghamton, Army, Quinnipiac, Drake and UMKC

For TAMU’s second seed I am guessing Washington, Michigan or Minnesota. For a bit I thought Illinois or Notre Dame on that list, but I am thinking probably not.

OU is a guarantee for Austin, unless they decide to give the regional to OU and ship UT there… I just don’t see how OU pulls off being a 2-seed and hosting over a 1-seed for a second-straight year. I think Having two seeds in travel distance to Austin keeps the regional here.

That’s it for now. I will make adjustments once the rankings come out tomorrow.

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