A few thoughts on the women’s bracket

On the women’s side, we can expect Texas and Baylor to host. With that in mind, I think this is how it will pan out.

Austin – Texas, TCU, Rice and a random 4-seed
Waco – Baylor, Tulsa, North Texas and Oral Roberts

And shock of all shocks, A&M hosts. They could keep Ole Miss in Oxford, but this seems like a logical move.
College Station – Mississippi, Texas A&M, Stephen F Austin and Southern

I am not going to think this all out, but you can just look at California and notice there are a ton of 1 and 3 seeds. I expect Texas Tech to get shipped out there (like Nebraska). I mean they could send them to Big 10 territory, but there are plenty of schools that can drive, albeit they are all Big 10 schools.

I think Oklahoma State goes to an ACC school.

Will both FSU teams make the trip to Gainseville? Yikes. Maybe Miami gets hosed and flies north…

I am tired and I think I have done enough damage for one night.

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