Men’s bracket predictions – one huge dumpster fire

I am really not sure where to go with all of this. The men’s is a massive dumpster fire in the middle of the country. With only one top seed between the Mississippi River and the city of Los Angeles (Oklahoma), I am not sure what they are going to do. Not to mention there are five top seeds on the California Coast, something has got to give.

Someone has got to go to Norman. Texas, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Baylor and Texas A&M are all within 400 miles. The logical choice is Tulsa, but both Tulsa and Texas were sent there last year. Tech was sent there the year before. My guess it is either Texas A&M or Baylor. The Bears and the Sooners played a viscous 4-3 match decided at line six that went three tiebreakers, so I am guessing Texas A&M gets a farewell visit to Norman. So that regional is Oklahoma, Texas A&M, some team random 3-seed and UMKC. I know UMKC went there last year, but hey, that’s about it. They are a 4-seed. There are no drivable 3-seeds, as the closest, Memphis and Drake are over 400 miles.

I am guessing Drake gets sent to Illinois.

I think Florida gets Florida State, College of Charleston and Auburn. That’s one of the only ways to make that a completely driving pod and keep too many SEC teams in there. South Carolina State and CoC could change spots, but SCS was there last year, so it’s CoC’s turn.

Virginia can host an all-driving pod with VCU, GW or Navy and Virginia Tech or NC State. VCU went there last year, so do they fly down Harvard and send VCU to Durham or Chapel Hill? I think so.

Just like last year when Illinois and North Carolina were neck and neck in the rankings and were forced into a rematch at Illinois, I think UNC gets a team involved in the the mix with them. Tennessee has a win over Auburn, who has a win over UNC. Maybe they give the regional to Tennessee, with VCU, UNC and Virginia Tech. This could also just stay in Chapel Hill.

I think Duke gets a 2-seed like Indiana, UNC Wilmington and East Tennessee State.

Ohio State looks to have either Notre Dame or Michigan and their 2-seed. They deserve a ND or Indiana seed more than having to host Michigan, but ND was there last year. Maybe Duke gets Notre Dame and Ohio State gets Indiana. How about Northwestern and Western Michigan?

Illinois hosts Drake or Green Bay, Vandy and Michigan.

In Mississippi and Georgia, there are a lot of option, but here’s my guess. In Athens, you get South Carolina, South Carolina State and either Baylor or Texas Tech. In Oxford you get Memphis, LSU or maybe Louisville (406 miles via Google Maps) and Alcorn. In Starkville, you get Middle Tennessee State, LSU or Vandy and a random team from the north.

I think they have to fly people anyway, so maybe one of the California teams will be shipped to Austin, where USTA can drive. Normally I would say it would be Cal or Stanford, but it would not surprise me if it were Pepperdine.

Yes, crazy, but not out of the realm. Obviously, you match up the California schools the best you can, then fly everyone else out there.

OK, so I rambled forever and really didn’t give you much…. sorry

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