My look at the seeds for the men’s bracket

There are a few interesting quirks. One I see is that there is a rule saying teams with direct wins over a teamdirectly in front of them can jump them. At 16, you have UNC, who lost to 17 Auburn… but Auburn also happened to lose to 18 Tennessee… so what happens? Also, the Big 12 only has one team in the top-16. Will a team like Texas, who got hosed last year, get to host as a 2-seed?

I will plop these all into my mapping software and show you where the seeds are located in my next post.

1 University of Southern California
3 University of Georgia
4 University of Virginia
5 Ohio State University
6 University of Kentucky
7 Duke University
8 Pepperdine
9 Mississippi State University
10 University of Oklahoma
11 Stanford University
12 California
13 University of Florida
14 University of Mississippi
15 University of Illinois
16 North Carolina

17 Auburn University
18 University of Tennessee
19 University of Tulsa
20 University of Texas
21 University of Michigan
22 Texas Tech University
23 Harvard University
24 Indiana University-Bloomington
25 Louisiana State University
26 Baylor University
27 University of San Diego
28 University of Washington
29 University of Notre Dame
30 Texas A&M University
31 Virginia Commonwealth University
32 University of Louisville

33 Florida State University
34 University of Memphis
35 University of Minnesota
36 Fresno State
37 Boise State University
38 Santa Clara University
39 North Carolina State
40 Vanderbilt University
41 University of South Carolina
42 Columbia University
43 Northwestern University
44 Virginia Tech
45 UNC Wilmington
46 Middle Tennessee State University
48 Drake University
62 Cal Poly

72 East Tennessee State University
79 George Washington University
82 College of Charleston
85 Univ. of Texas at San Antonio
89 South Carolina State
90 Radford University
111 Fairfield University
118 Western Michigan University
123 Univ. of Wisconsin-Green Bay
125 Fairleigh Dickinson University
128 Eastern Kentucky University
130 Binghamton University
142 U.S. Naval Academy
149 Alcorn State University
151 Sacramento State
175 UMKC

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