Women’s 2012 NCAA seedings… how I see it.

OK, here’s what I have… 32 at-large, 32 next highest. Puts us at last one in being #41 St. Mary’s College Of California. Here are the seedings. I have not looked to see if any teams have direct wins and should move ahead. I also want to point out that the final team, Oral Roberts, only has a few matches in the ITA database, but appears to have played a bunch more if you check the Summit League website

2 University of Florida
3 Duke University
4 University of Southern California
5 Stanford
6 University of Georgia
7 North Carolina
8 California
9 University of Alabama
10 University of Texas at Austin
11 University of Miami (Florida)
12 Northwestern University
13 Baylor University
14 University of Virginia
15 University of Michigan
16 University of Mississippi

17 University of Nebraska
18 Texas A&M University
19 University of Illinois
20 University of Notre Dame
21 Texas Tech University
22 Purdue University
23 University of Tennessee
24 University of Tulsa
25 Clemson University
26 Georgia Tech
27 Vanderbilt University
28 University of Arizona
29 Yale University
30 University of South Carolina
31 TCU
32 Washington State University

33 University of Arkansas
34 Arizona State University
35 Florida State University
36 University of Minnesota
37 Pepperdine
38 University of Utah
39 Oklahoma State University
40 Rice University
41 Saint Mary’s College of California
42 Long Beach State University
45 Stephen F. Austin
46 Virginia Commonwealth University
50 University of San Diego
53 Univ. of Hawaii-Manoa
55 University of North Texas
57 Sacramento State

60 Wichita State University
62 College of Charleston
78 Akron
80 University of Richmond
86 University of North Florida
96 South Carolina State
97 Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
106 NJIT
118 U.S. Military Academy
121 Fairleigh Dickinson University
122 Winthrop University
133 Stony Brook University
140 Eastern Kentucky University
151 Fairfield University
186 Southern University-Baton Rouge
214 Oral Roberts University

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