Latest TexasCollegeTennis Rankings and Information Released (03-25-13)

Virginia maintains the top spot on the men’s side, while North Carolina flips back over Texas A&M on the women’s side in the latest TexasCollegeTennis Rankings released today.

Men –

Women – 

In addition to the rankings, TexasCollegeTennis has updated its database of results and strength of schedule rankings. All of the information from TexasCollegeTennis only reflects matches between two Division 1 opponents.

Men’s Team data/results –

Women’s Team data/results –

Men’s Strength of Schedule –

Women’s Strength of Schedule –

The TexasCollegeTennis Rankings are a proprietary system utilizing the ITA Division I results for every school fielding a team at that level. The rankings are offered as an alternative to the official ITA rankings, not to as a possibly more stable system in the early stages of the season, but to also allow all teams to be participants in a system, as well as encourage discussion on the game of collegiate tennis.

The Strength of Schedule Rankings are a crude average of the rankings of all Division 1 opponents for a given school. We have several other measures of SOS that we will likely introduce over the next few weeks.

TexasCollegeTennis would love to hear any comments you may have on the system and encourages everyone to post within this topic.

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