A quick look at the final ITA Women’s top-32

This is by no means exact, but with what I have, it should be close. I will have to really clean up the data tomorrow to get it tighter…. this is what I project right now for the ITA Finals Rankings

1 University of Florida
2 North Carolina
3 University of Georgia
4 University of Southern California
5 Texas A&M University
7 University of Miami (Florida)
8 California
9 University of Michigan
10 University of Alabama
11 Stanford
12 Northwestern University
13 Clemson University
14 Duke University
15 University of Virginia
16 University of Nebraska
17 Texas Tech University
18 University of Texas at Austin
19 Vanderbilt University
20 Baylor University
21 Rice University
22 Florida State University
23 Georgia Tech
24 University of Notre Dame
25 Arizona State University
26 Auburn University
27 University of Tulsa
28 TCU
29 Oklahoma State University
30 Purdue University
31 University of Tennessee
32 UC Irvine

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