The Realities of the D1 Men’s Scholarship – Intro to research

In a few weeks, I will be making an appeal to all Men’s NCAA Division I tennis coaches to complete a simple survey of approximately ten questions. It will be short and sweet, but asking very specific questions about the number of players on each team, number of Americans, scholarship percentages and the value of a full scholarship at the institutions. No individual player names/scholarship info will be asked for.

The purpose of the survey is to not pick out specific schools, but to gather information on the way scholarships are used as a whole at the Division I level. I hope to publish at least one article on the results either here or at TennisRecruiting.Net. Dallas has expressed an interest in the article(s).

Over the past month, I have run the questions past several coaches in an attempt to get their thoughts. I have also enlisted Erica Perkins (Jasper) to not only review what I am doing, but to also give some validation to the process.

I am hopeful that as many coaches as possible will take the time to fill this out. To that end, I initially thought of making the questionnaire 100% anonymous (even to me). I have since decided to just make assurances that no individual team data will be shared, unless I contact that coach and ask his or her permission. By having a contact point with the submissions, I can validate the data and ensure information has not duplicated by the coaching staff, thus giving better results.

I repeat, no individual submissions will be released or shared with anyone, unless a coach states that I may do so (in writing). I really do not see why I would want to. Also, no questions will be asked about specific individuals. The answers will be team-based or bulk numbers for a group.

I only hope the findings will shed some insights how men’s scholarships are used.

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