Conor Pollock Obituary

It has been a very difficult week and a half for many tennis players after the unfortunate passing of Conor Pollock. Conor was a talented and respected player from San Antonio, who went on to accomplish great things at Texas A&M. He spent a little time on tour, winning 11 doubles titles and reaching a career-high 353 in doubles.

Probably the most telling thing about those 11 title is the fact he won them with NINE different players. He was not only talented, but also very well liked. That’s an understatement. He was loved by so many people. He was the kind of kid that went to Texas A&M, but could basically live with the players from UT the next years in Austin.

I know, I saw it firsthand.

Many of you may not realize this, but I actually ran back when he was on tour. While he was in college, I had purchased the domain. It is a long story, but there was someone else named Conor Pollock who owned the .com site. I think he was in Canada. At the NCAAs, after he finished playing. I told him I owned the domain and would transfer it to him. We ended up not doing that, rather I built the blog where he could post updates. He did this at times, but it is hard to keep something like that going when traveling all over the world.

After 2010, he decided to hang it up and move on.

Conor was taken from this world way too early. I know his friends and family are still trying to understand this. I am among those.

Here is a link to his online obit from the San Antonio paper yesterday,

Thank you to Debbie Hochwalt for bringing it to my attention. I know we have all been looking for more news and a way to share our grief.

I am just grateful to have been a part (however small) of his life.

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