I can’t forget about my D3 boys, :) #rankings

This is what happens when I let my 11-year old title the article.

I couldn’t let D3 be left behind on this little experiment of fall singles rankings. As you may or may not know, I was the SID at Trinity many years ago for about a year. I loved being on campus. I grew up about a block away from the campus and even dated the President’s daughter in high school (sounds like something from Caddyshack, but no night putting was involved).

I am a huge fan of D3. The academics can be insane. Schools like Amherst, Williams, MIT, Wash U, Emory and Chicago are some of the very best institutions in the country and that’s just a sample. My sister went to Redlands and one of my brothers went to UCSD (when they were D3). My high school ex (the president’s daughter) and my high school team doubles partner both went to Amherst. My other twitter account and website are named The String Theory (@th3str1ngth30ry) after the best piece of sports writing ever by the late Lord Jeff, David Foster Wallace.

So in honor of that, I present the D3 Fall Singles Rankings for the Boys (sorry, had to put that in there)… If you do not know what Trueskill is, please refer to my article from a couple of days ago.

1 #8 Kai Yuen Leung (Skidmore College) 16-1 433
2 #40 Daniel Morkovine (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges) 6-0 414
3 #38 Aman Manji (Emory University) 7-1 412
4 #37 David Liu (Univ. of Chicago) 8-2 405
5 Lubomir Cuba (Middlebury College) 11-2 405
6 #22 Mohanad Al Houni (Gustavus Adolphus College) 12-2 400
7 #3 Branden Metzler (Kalamazoo College) 8-1 399
8 Peter Leung (Univ. of Chicago) 6-1 398
9 Chris Maderitz (Wilkes University) 7-0 389
10 Courtney Murphy (Wilkes University) 9-1 386
11 Charlie Pei (Univ. of Chicago) 5-1 384
12 #32 Brady Anderson (Coe College) 8-1 383
13 Artyom Nabokin (Wilkes University) 5-0 382
14 Alexis Dimanche (Southwestern University (TX)) 4-1 381
15 Umberto Setter (New York University) 4-1 380
16 Minos Stavrakas (Ithaca College) 7-1 380
17 Grant Urken (Bowdoin College) 11-2 379
18 Troy Haas (Wilkes University) 7-0 379
19 #39 Arthur Fagundes (The University of Texas at Tyler) 7-3 378
20 Michael Rozenvasser (Carnegie Mellon University) 8-2 378
21 Herman Abban (Carthage College) 9-1 378
22 Chas Mayer (Trinity University (Texas)) 5-1 377
23 Nikolai Parodi (Claremont-Mudd-Scripps Colleges) 6-3 373
24 Alex Taylor (Williams College) 7-1 369
25 Mckenna Fujitani (Trinity University (Texas)) 5-1 366

This isn’t perfect but a pretty good start for what has happened. I am not sure Dimanche belongs above Fagundes, but it is very close in there. I just wanted to give D3 Boys some props and will likely do another ranking list over the holidays when the season is truly done.

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