A new approach to ranking singles players in the fall

I decided awhile back that the way players are ranked in the fall by the ITA is a bit arbitrary. I am not trying to be critical of the ITA, because trying to rank singles players across the country before they’ve played a single match is not only extremely difficult, not only from a pure mechanical standpoint, but also politically.

There are kids now who don’t even play ITA tennis in the fall and stick to the plethora of Futures and Challengers that make up the Oracle USTA Pro Circuit Collegiate Series. Some don’t play at all at are busy either catching up on studies or rehabbing (or both). My idea was to create a system that uses only results between college players for the school year and that’s it. If you are ranking players and this determines whether they get into the NCAA’s or not, that should be the only thing that matters.

With that in mind, I decided to create my own ranking system for the men. Here was my criteria:

  1. Any and all players who played a D1 match this fall were eligible, as were any D1 known players who played on the Pro Circuit from the last week of August until last week in Tallahassee.
  2. Only matches between D1 players were eligible. I know this limits the number of matches that counted on the circuit, but that’s the only way to be consistent.
  3. To maintain some baseline consistency, I used my system for the 2015-16 school year (applying the same rules) and created prior rankings for those returning this fall. I felt that this was important to give upperclassmen more weight. I did not use any previous year Pro Circuit matches, only NCAA D1 matches.
  4. Matches were weighted. Regular matches were standard weight, while Futures and USTA/ITA Regionals matches counted a little more and Challengers, The All-American and Indoors counted a little more.

This system is not perfect. I will be the first to acknowledge that fact, but I do think they create a fair picture of the collegiate tennis scene heading into January. Players may be ranked a tad too low (Cameron Norrie), but still within a respectable range. There will be players missing (Juan Benitez and George Goldhoff, among others) but if you don’t play, I am not sure there’s a whole lot we can do. There will also be players who went on great Pro Circuit runs, but don’t get full credit (JC Argone) because they didn’t play any current collegians.

There also may be a few new names in there. Some are probably deserved and a few too high, but winning lots of matches gets rewarded in this system. Once players have more matches, this should correct itself quickly.

I also identified three players in the Oracle/ITA Rankings who didn’t play any tennis this fall: Andrew Harris (Oklahoma), Logan Staggs (UCLA) and Paul Oosterbaan (Georgia). All three seem to be nursing some sort of injury. George Goldhoff played one ITF tournament in Canada, but didn’t get any qualifying matches. If I scaled their 2015-16 rankings, Oosterbaan and Harris would end up in the lower-30’s, Goldhoff in the lower 60’s and Staggs out near 120, on the list below.

With almost 2500 eligible players, I am only going to show the top-125 for now, like the ITA. Records indicate matches vs. D1 players this fall.


1 Petros Chrysochos (Wake Forest University) 9-1
2 Mikael Torpegaard (Ohio State University) 7-2
3 Christian Sigsgaard (University of Texas) 16-3
4 Mike Redlicki (University of Arkansas) 17-2
5 Brandon Holt (University of Southern California) 17-3
6 Nuno Borges (Mississippi State University) 14-3
7 Cameron Norrie (TCU) 3-0
8 Herkko Pollanen (Ohio State University) 10-2
9 Peter Bertran (University of South Florida) 14-3
10 Christopher Eubanks (Georgia Tech) 7-3
11 Skander Mansouri (Wake Forest University) 12-3
12 Gage Brymer (UCLA) 12-3
13 Tom Fawcett (Stanford University) 7-4
14 Billy Griffith (California) 11-2
15 Alfredo Perez (University of Florida) 7-3
16 Alex Keyser (Columbia University) 16-4
17 Filip Bergevi (California) 11-2
18 Hugo Di Feo (Ohio State University) 6-3
19 Jimmy Bendeck (Baylor University) 11-3
20 Christian Seraphim (Wake Forest University) 13-2
21 Strong Kirchheimer (Northwestern University) 10-5
22 Jose Salazar (University of Arkansas) 11-3
23 Thomas Laurent (University of Oregon) 10-2
24 Florian Lakat (California) 8-3
25 Andre Goransson (California) 13-4
26 Nicolas Alvarez (Duke University) 9-4
27 Gustav Hansson (University of Mississippi) 9-3
28 Henrik Wiersholm (University of Virginia) 1-0
29 Yuya Ito (University of Texas) 12-7
30 Jacob Dunbar (University of Richmond) 11-3
31 Lukas Finzelberg (Oklahoma State University) 9-3
32 Emil Reinberg (University of Georgia) 20-4
33 Joseph Di Giulio (UCLA) 11-2
34 Dylan King (Yale University) 13-2
35 Josh Hagar (University of Notre Dame) 9-4
36 JC Aragone (University of Virginia) 11-4
37 Justin Roberts (University of South Florida) 10-3
38 Rob Bellamy (University of Southern California) 13-4
39 Arthur Rinderknech (Texas A&M University) 8-3
40 Joshua Peck (North Carolina) 10-3
41 Jolan Cailleau (Texas Tech University) 12-5
42 Spencer Papa (University of Oklahoma) 9-3
43 Connor Curry (Texas Tech University) 9-3
44 Timo Stodder (University of Tennessee) 12-4
45 Robert Kelly (North Carolina) 7-4
46 Aron Hiltzik (University of Illinois) 5-1
47 Alberto Barroso-Campos (University of South Florida) 8-3
48 Ronnie Schneider (North Carolina) 8-5
49 Jack Findel-Hawkins (University of North Florida) 9-5
50 Nick Stachowiak (Duke University) 11-4
51 Wayne Montgomery (University of Georgia) 13-5
52 Thibault Forget (University of Southern California) 11-4
53 Ben Donovan (Cal Poly) 11-3
54 Nikola Samardzic (LSU) 9-4
55 Josh Pompan (University of Pennsylvania) 16-4
56 Harrison Scott (University of Texas) 10-2
57 Constantin Schmitz (Tulane University) 8-3
58 Jordan Belga (University of Florida) 12-5
59 Daniel Valent (Vanderbilt University) 10-4
60 Victor Pham (Columbia University) 10-4
61 Diego Quiroz (Winthrop University) 14-2
62 Kai Wehnelt (Utah State University) 14-4
63 Gabriel Friedrich (University of South Carolina) 12-5
64 Nick Horton (North Carolina State) 7-3
65 Filip Vittek (University of San Diego) 7-2
66 Chema Carranza (University of Wisconsin) 12-1
67 Jefta Kecic (University of North Florida) 9-6
68 Yancy Dennis (University of South Carolina) 9-2
69 Rodrigo Banzer (University of Texas) 7-4
70 Haru Inoue (Wichita State University) 10-4
71 Trey Yates (University of Kentucky) 8-3
72 Julius Tverijonas (George Washington University) 12-4
73 Piotr Baranski (Southern Illinois, Carbondale) 10-1
74 Maxime Tchoutakian (Baylor University) 9-5
75 Baker Newman (Vanderbilt University) 11-4
76 McClain Kessler (University of Florida) 9-5
77 David Biosca (East Tennessee State University) 9-4
78 Mitch Stewart (University of Washington) 6-3
79 Johannes Ingildsen (University of Florida) 12-4
80 Colin Sinclair (Cornell University) 12-4
81 Colin Markes (University of Texas) 11-4
82 Alexandre Ribeiro (Virginia Tech) 8-3
83 Florin Bragusi (University of Oklahoma) 6-3
84 Hady Habib (Texas A&M University) 8-2
85 Robert Levine (Duke University) 12-5
86 Cameron Klinger (Vanderbilt University) 13-4
87 Shawn Hadavi (Columbia University) 14-7
88 Jan Zielinski (University of Georgia) 13-3
89 Parker Wynn (University of Louisville) 14-5
90 Maximillian Scholl (Gardner-Webb University) 10-2
91 Morgan Mays (UC Santa Barbara) 8-2
92 Mazen Osama (University of Alabama) 8-3
93 Korey Lovett (University of Central Florida) 1-0
94 Harrison O’Keefe (University of South Carolina) 9-5
95 Nathan Boniel (Portland State University) 10-4
96 Adam Moundir (Old Dominion University) 7-4
97 Igor Smelyanski (Clemson University) 5-2
98 Euan McIntosh (Fresno State) 6-2
99 Christofer Goncalves (New Mexico State University) 15-2
100 Bjorn Hoffmann (California) 13-5
101 Jerry Lopez (TCU) 7-2
102 Walker Duncan (University of Georgia) 11-7
103 Matic Spec (University of Minnesota) 9-3
104 Sergi Espias (New Mexico State University) 12-2
105 Robert Dula (Eastern Washington University) 8-3
106 Chris Vrabel (Cornell University) 11-4
107 David Horneffer (Dartmouth College) 9-2
108 Nicolas Rouanet (University of Louisville) 11-6
109 Julian Cash (Oklahoma State University) 6-3
110 Logan Smith (University of Southern California) 9-6
111 Catalin Mateas (Duke University) 9-4
112 Eric Rutledge (Rice University) 5-3
113 Jackie Tang (Columbia University) 8-4
114 Elliott Orkin (University of Florida) 7-3
115 William Bushamuka (University of Kentucky) 6-3
116 Guus Koevermans (University of San Diego) 8-3
117 Nathan Ponwith (University of Georgia) 8-4
118 Piotr Lomacki (University of Miami (Florida)) 6-3
119 Ryan Peniston (University of Memphis) 9-5
120 Felipe Sarrasague (Elon University) 6-3
121 Myles Schalet (University of Michigan) 8-3
122 Thomas Mayronne (University of South Carolina) 11-6
123 Andrew Li (Georgia Tech) 8-5
124 Thibault Cancel (University of Alabama) 6-2
125 Chi-Shan Jao (Tulane University) 7-3