First Round ITA Kickoff Match Probabilities

This is a work in progress and will be updated on the fly. I also want to recognize that I know the HTML really stinks on the probability pages, but I have a real job and have been just too busy. (If someone out there is a CSS and design nut who wants to clean this up for me, please let me know)

Below are links to individual singles match probabilities and overall team probabilities for the first round of the ITA Kickoff Weekend, where Texas teams are included. (at this time I still need to add pods where Lamar and Texas Tech are involved)


notes: Not placing Norrie in this one as he is currently on the court in Maui. I dropped Husin for Pacific as well, since he’s currently their lowest-rated player in my system.

Utah State-Wichita State

notes: I also dropped a few players from the middle of the roster with low ratings.



Baylor-Texas A&M

note: Baylor has a history of dropping someone from the lineup. Schretter fits the bill, but that may only be due to a lack of data in my system.

SMU-Ole Miss

Texas Tech-Iowa

Florida State-Mississippi State

Boise State-Lamar

UCLA-New Mexico

notes: players have been dropped from these last four for a variety of reasons. Mostly because there are several who have not even played a match.

I hope to update the singles ratings and then update the team probabilities after the first round results.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of a project that I hope will allow fans and coaches to select lineups and see the expected probabilities…

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