Week 2 and How I Voted in the Latest USTA College Team Poll

It is that time of the week where I can share my ballot for the USTA College Team Poll. We learned a ton at the Indoors, and this week should also be amazing with several key match-ups on the women’s side at the new USTA National Campus. One of the biggest shocks for me between my ballot and the eventual poll is the fact that Duke didn’t drop any further. Those two 4-3 wins over Northwestern at home must really impress. I also think Baylor and Rice deserve to be higher.

Here’s my women’s top 25.

1 Florida
2 North Carolina
3 Stanford
4 Ohio State
5 Georgia
6 Oklahoma State
7 Texas Tech
8 Cal
9 Pepperdine
10 Auburn
11 Baylor
12 Georgia Tech
13 Michigan
14 University of Southern California
15 Ole Miss
16 Vanderbilt
17 Arizona State
18 Rice
20 Texas A&M
21 Texas
22 Duke
23 Northwestern
24 Miami
25 South Carolina

On the men’s side, it doesn’t really matter until this weekend. I did a little shuffling, but nothing major here.

My men’s ballot

1 Virginia
2 Ohio State
3 Florida
4 Northwestern
5 Wake Forest
6 Baylor
8 North Carolina
9 University of Southern California
10 Texas
11 Georgia
12 Cal
13 Oklahoma
14 Oklahoma State
15 Kentucky
16 SMU
17 Illinois
18 Georgia Tech
19 Mississippi
20 Michigan
21 Oregon
22 Vanderbilt
23 Columbia
24 Texas A&M
25 South Carolina

For a link to the USTA Top-25, click here

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