Thoughts on Wake demonizing Texas

Things did not go the Horns way this afternoon at the Well(er) Indoor Tennis Center. I am in the mood to ramble, so here’s my scatter-shooting:

  • First off, the place needs a nickname. I’m putting The Well out there.
  • After a month of beautiful weather, we get the worst day of the year. I am guessing both teams would rather have played outdoors, but c’est la vie.
  • When I first show up, I think maybe the wrong team from Wake came. They are freaking tall. I keep looking around for Tim Duncan. Seraphim is listed at 6-10, Monsouri at 6-3, Gadjiev at 6-6, Gojo at 6-5. Thank goodness Ito’s not in, they would just post his ass up down low…
  • Texas had chances in the doubles… except against Seraphim-Monsouri at 1. Scott/Zlobinsky got a quick break, gave it right back, but definitely had more break chances at 2. Sigsgaard/Markes had at least six break points I know of. I think they got two in play, maybe. One of those should’ve been won if not for just some incredible play from WF.
  • I think Coach Center’s quote, “I think Wake Forest just played better than us today. We had good intensity. Wake Forest has a heck of a team.”, is spot on.

  • With Ito out of the lineup this was going to be a long uphill battle regardless.
  • I loved Wake’s aggressiveness in doubles. They were constantly on top of the net. I don’t see how anyone beats Seraphim-Monsouri when they are on. As my 11-year old said, “that big guy has a good serve, but that other guy is incredible.”
  • There was a great crowd. I saw a ton of old friends, ex-players and coaches. It was great seeing Jon Wiegand, Suds (Sudanwa Sitaram), Steve Cobb, Alex Rafiee, Jacoby (Lewis), Joey Cantu and Butch Hayes. There were a bunch of folks I saw and didn’t even speak to. Like I said, great crowd. I am assuming @thetennisnerd was the dude in the Cornell sweatshirt. Sorry I didn’t say hello.
  • Harrison Scott looked off. Not to dis Gojo, he was/is a beast, but something was up.
  • GG was battling, but just over-matched. He really battled.
  • Sigsgaard was up 4-1 in the first and Chrysochos just did his thing. He is freaking good.
  • While the rest of the team looks like a foreign basketball team, Chrysochos looks like he’s your he could be your Philosophy or Religion professor.
  • Give credit to Wake, not only are they good, but they also played well.
  • I left after Sigsgaard gave his break back in the first. Scott was just bageled and I kind of knew how this was going to end.

I’m not really sure what more needs to be said. Wake is good.

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