SMU v Columbia Probabilities

Since the doubles has been played, I thought I would update everything for the rest of the match. As you can tell, it looks bleak for the Ponies. I hopefully will be able to generate more of these on the fly for the remainder of this week.

SMU v. Columbia Probabilities

University of Denver.University of Notre Dame.
Yannik James3.3756.Josh Hagar4.463.0.4306
Carter Lin3.1493.Konrad Zieba4.3154.0.4219
Vuk Budic2.2602.Hady Habib4.2434.0.3475
Nicola Pipoli2.7082.William Blumberg4.6557.0.3678
Alex Jesse1.7791.Luca Marquard2.9577.0.3756
Pedro Fernandez Del Valle2.3544.Mitch Maroscher2.6493.0.4705
.....IF University of Denver WINS DOUBLES...0.4605
.....IF University of Notre Dame WINS DOUBLES...0.1814

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