Men’s Lineup Data with a Top-50 Twist

I am taking a break from building a bracket to release some lineup data since that appeared to be such a hit last week.

The data is pretty much the same, with one twist. I have added two column at the end to display the 3+S and DUBS for teams versus top-50 opponents. Hopefully this will dig a little deeper into how the top teams are doing.

The reason I say hopefully is because I am writing this intro as I actually run the data. I tested it for a few schools, just to make sure I had it coded correctly, but plan on posting this as soon as it is done. That way I can get to the women’s data a bit faster this week.

S1 = singles line #1
S2 = singles line #2
S3 = singles line #3
S4 = singles line #4
S5 = singles line #5
S6 = singles line #6
D1 = doubles line #1
D2 = doubles line #2
D1 = doubles line #3
3+S = How many times won-lost at least 3 singles lines
DUBS = Record winning doubles point
T50S+ = W/L of at least 3 singles v. top-50
T50D = doubles record v top-50

Men’s Lineup date 3/20/17

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