A Wild Weekend; Lineup data for men

It was a pretty crazy weekend for teams out of Texas this weekend.

With Texas losing at Stanford on Friday, then rallying to win at Cal on Saturday, TCU was scraping out 4-3 wins at both Cal Friday and Stanford Saturday. BTW, if you haven’t seen that last point of the Stanford-TCU dual, then you must (LINK). Baylor has to rally against UCSB then gets blanked by UCLA. Texas A&M loses the doubles point to Vandy before sweeping singles (more on this later) and then rallies to beat Kentucky 4-3. Even on the women’s side, TCU saved three match points in the doubles, then with the match tied at 3-all, Caroline Wegner was down 5-3 in the third. She won four straight games to seal the match.

I have to say, I kind of felt that the Texas men would lose to Stanford and beat Cal. For some reason I thought the match-ups would work that way. Thankfully I wasn’t feeling well and also had zero patience for watching online, over even over Twitter.

Texas is an enigma. They can beat really good teams, but also at times lack the maturity to beat the teams they really should handle. I am not saying that Stanford is bad, but the blowout to Wake, combined with the Stanford and Tulsa losses just shows that this is still a very young team. They can also beat very good teams, like Cal, Florida and Oklahoma State.

The Aggies are certainly on a roll, rattling off some good wins over the past three weeks. They are still under .500 for the doubles point but are an incredible 22-2 at lines 3 and 4.

Speaking of which, here’s some data I collected on all the teams in Texas (vs. D1 competition) Ed note – this was run Sunday evening.

TEAM S1 S2 S3 S4 S5 S6 D1 D2 D3 3+S DUBS
Abilene Christian University 7-5 5-7 4-8 5-8 5-7 4-7 5-6 6-6 5-5 6-7 6-7
Baylor University 10-3 10-1 9-1 6-6 6-5 7-5 2-8 10-3 9-4 12-3 9-6
Univ. of Incarnate Word 3-4 2-3 2-3 3-3 2-3 3-4 4-1 1-7 3-4 3-5 3-5
Lamar University 7-3 5-7 4-7 6-5 6-4 5-6 4-2 6-4 6-4 7-5 7-5
Prairie View A&M University 0-12 0-12 2-10 0-12 0-11 2-9 0-9 0-8 0-9 0-13 0-13
Rice University 2-8 10-2 10-3 9-6 9-3 7-4 9-1 8-4 9-3 12-4 12-4
SMU 6-5 7-2 5-4 7-3 4-5 7-3 7-1 7-4 6-4 8-3 9-2
TCU 9-0 6-2 5-3 4-3 2-4 0-7 5-4 7-1 1-4 6-3 6-3
University of Texas 6-8 9-7 13-3 13-3 12-2 10-4 6-8 9-7 11-3 16-2 11-7
Texas A&M University 10-2 6-7 4-8 11-0 11-2 9-4 3-8 6-5 5-7 12-1 4-9
Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 7-2 6-2 6-3 5-5 8-2 6-3 6-2 4-4 3-4 8-4 6-6
Texas Tech University 6-7 6-8 11-2 8-3 5-6 2-10 7-5 6-5 7-6 9-6 8-7
University of Texas at Arlington 3-5 1-5 6-2 6-1 5-1 6-5 2-2 6-2 6-3 6-5 6-5
University of Texas, Rio Grande Valley 3-10 3-9 2-11 4-8 2-9 0-12 3-11 3-7 4-8 2-12 1-13

The headings are like this:
S1 is line #1 singles, S2 is line #2 and so on.
D1 is line #1 doubles…
3+S is how many times they have won 3 or more singles matches in a dual
DUBS is their record winning the doubles point

As you can see, Texas is 16-2 at winning at least three singles lines. The issue is they have also lost some key doubles points AND those two where they haven’t have come in the last two weekend.

Baylor has been fantastic at the top of the lineup, going a combined 29-5 at lines 1-3.

Texas is 48-12 at line 3-6.

TCU is undefeated at line 1

Thoughts on Wake demonizing Texas

Things did not go the Horns way this afternoon at the Well(er) Indoor Tennis Center. I am in the mood to ramble, so here’s my scatter-shooting:

  • First off, the place needs a nickname. I’m putting The Well out there.
  • After a month of beautiful weather, we get the worst day of the year. I am guessing both teams would rather have played outdoors, but c’est la vie.
  • When I first show up, I think maybe the wrong team from Wake came. They are freaking tall. I keep looking around for Tim Duncan. Seraphim is listed at 6-10, Monsouri at 6-3, Gadjiev at 6-6, Gojo at 6-5. Thank goodness Ito’s not in, they would just post his ass up down low…
  • Texas had chances in the doubles… except against Seraphim-Monsouri at 1. Scott/Zlobinsky got a quick break, gave it right back, but definitely had more break chances at 2. Sigsgaard/Markes had at least six break points I know of. I think they got two in play, maybe. One of those should’ve been won if not for just some incredible play from WF.
  • I think Coach Center’s quote, “I think Wake Forest just played better than us today. We had good intensity. Wake Forest has a heck of a team.”, is spot on.

  • With Ito out of the lineup this was going to be a long uphill battle regardless.
  • I loved Wake’s aggressiveness in doubles. They were constantly on top of the net. I don’t see how anyone beats Seraphim-Monsouri when they are on. As my 11-year old said, “that big guy has a good serve, but that other guy is incredible.”
  • There was a great crowd. I saw a ton of old friends, ex-players and coaches. It was great seeing Jon Wiegand, Suds (Sudanwa Sitaram), Steve Cobb, Alex Rafiee, Jacoby (Lewis), Joey Cantu and Butch Hayes. There were a bunch of folks I saw and didn’t even speak to. Like I said, great crowd. I am assuming @thetennisnerd was the dude in the Cornell sweatshirt. Sorry I didn’t say hello.
  • Harrison Scott looked off. Not to dis Gojo, he was/is a beast, but something was up.
  • GG was battling, but just over-matched. He really battled.
  • Sigsgaard was up 4-1 in the first and Chrysochos just did his thing. He is freaking good.
  • While the rest of the team looks like a foreign basketball team, Chrysochos looks like he’s your he could be your Philosophy or Religion professor.
  • Give credit to Wake, not only are they good, but they also played well.
  • I left after Sigsgaard gave his break back in the first. Scott was just bageled and I kind of knew how this was going to end.

I’m not really sure what more needs to be said. Wake is good.

Aggie men with another big comeback; Don’t look now, but here comes TCU

For the third straight time, the Texas A&M men’s team made a huge comeback, this time upsetting #13 Florida in Gainesville. This Aggies squad has shown some real resilience, which is key to building a team for May when it counts.

The Aggies have done this by relying on the two freshmen at the bottom of the lineup coming up big at key times. Not to say the upperclassmen haven’t contributed, but Vacherot and Habib are 5-1 in singles in these three matches, which can be tough for players just coming into college tennis. Of course Rinderknech and Arconada are 6-0 as well during this time.

The biggest surprise is that Texas A&M hasn’t won the doubles point in any of these matches. They are a shocking 2-7 in capturing the doubles point (only won vs. Texas Tech and UT-RGV), which has always been a strong suit in College Station.

The Aggies have another big match tomorrow morning against South Carolina. I am guessing they come out a little stronger and complete a road sweep for the weekend. Put me in the camp that isn’t convinced of the Gamecocks ranking right now.

This quick start to the SEC schedule hopefully gives them some confidence. Looking down the road next week, the Aggies host Vandy and Kentucky. By the way, I really like the Aggies’ schedule. Now that they are gaining some steam, they have some great matches on the horizon. They host Ohio State and travel to TCU, in addition to the rest of their SEC schedule. As long as they keep improving, the should be in a solid position to host a first round.

Speaking of TCU, the Horned Frogs are now at full strength and looking to make some noise. TCU still lacks any depth whatsoever and really has struggled at the bottom of the lineup this season. They are 3-2 at line 5 and an unreal 0-6 at line 6, across all dual matches this spring.

This is going to put a ton of pressure on Rybakov and Norrie, but they are two of the best players in college tennis. Where it is rally going to heat up is at three and four with Nunez and Lopez. If TCU loses the doubles point, these guys essentially HAVE to win.

Ohio State will be top-ranked next week and other random notes

In case you missed my tweets this afternoon, I have updated the rankings page found here. I have only updated some of the men’s locations that were troublesome and hope to update the women’s sometime soon.

If you don’t know what this page is, it projects the NEXT rankings, based on the most recent results and the current rankings. The rankings are not perfect (as I have not gone through and tried to figure out the entire unpublished 51-125), but they are getting better. I hope to publish a file this weekend that will bring them even closer to what is expected.

So yes, Ohio State will likely remain as the top-ranked team in the ITA Rankings next week. A couple of things COULD happen. First, Wake Forest travels to Austin to face Texas. Should the Demon Deacons beat Texas (at Caswell Tennis Center at 3 PM), they would become the top-ranked team. Of course that would not be definite because Ohio State hosts Notre Dame (won’t affect the rankings) on Friday and #5 Oklahoma on Sunday. Two wins and they would go back to the top spot.

Virginia has taken the route of playing ITF Futures matches across the country for the next few weeks. They really do not play the meat of their schedule until a bit later. In fact, their ACC schedule of UNC, Wake, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame are their only top-30 matches remaining.

A quick look at matches across the reaminder of the state this weekend has Baylor traveling to South Florida before heading to the West Coast for UCLA next weekend.

Texas A&M has a tough road trip ahead this weekend. The Aggies travel to Gainesville to face Florida on Friday and then up to play South Carolina. This will be an interesting test for a team that seems to be finding themselves. Deep down, 1-1 is a solid and expected result.

TCU just got a win over SMU tonight. The Horned Frogs will host Wake Forest on Sunday. The Horned Frogs are really tough at the top of the lineup and I will be excited to see how they fare against Wake’s bunch. I do think their depth is a liability, so they need to remain healthy for the long run.

Rice has Incarnate Word and Abilene Christian Friday before traveling to Austin (this time at Westwood Country Club at 3 P.M.).

Texas A&M Corpus Christi hosts the HEB Tournament of Champions this weekend. They will be hosting South Alabama, Arizona, Louisiana, DePaul, New Mexico State, UTSA and UTRGV. This is a legendary tournament that is in its 51st edition.