Men’s Lineup Data 4-3-17

It has been two weeks, so it was time to update line-up data for the ITA men’s Top-50. This was run this afternoon, so any matches currently in the ITA database are fair game. Both Texas (5-9) and Texas A&M (4-11) are the only two schools in the current ITA top-8 who have a losing record in doubles points against other top-50 teams. Obviously both teams make up for this with stellar singles records (11-3, 14-1) but that is to be expected of the teams at the top. When it comes down to the NCAA Tournament, they will both have to improve to have any chance to make the Elite Eight. Luckily for both, that’s still a month away and there’s a lot of tennis to be played.

S1 = singles line #1
S2 = singles line #2
S3 = singles line #3
S4 = singles line #4
S5 = singles line #5
S6 = singles line #6
D1 = doubles line #1
D2 = doubles line #2
D1 = doubles line #3
3+S = How many times won-lost at least 3 singles lines
DUBS = Record winning doubles point
T50S+ = W/L of at least 3 singles v. top-50
T50D = doubles record v top-50

Men’s Top-50 Lineup Data (4-3-17)

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