Women’s Top-50 Line-up Data 4-3-17

I also updated the line-up data for the women last night. I have been on the road and visiting family so it has taken me a little longer to get this posted that I would have liked, but here it finally is.

S1 = singles line #1
S2 = singles line #2
S3 = singles line #3
S4 = singles line #4
S5 = singles line #5
S6 = singles line #6
D1 = doubles line #1
D2 = doubles line #2
D1 = doubles line #3
3+S = How many times won-lost at least 3 singles lines
DUBS = Record winning doubles point
T50S+ = W/L of at least 3 singles v. top-50
T50D = doubles record v top-50

ITA Women’s Top-50 Lineup Data (4-3-17)

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