Soup to Nuts: Let’s start over and make a new bracket

For a variety of reasons, I stopped my series on “How to Build a Bracket”. The biggest was that the data was getting stale. Today I look to remedy that by creating an entire bracket in one day.

Strap on those seat belts because this first part may be a little fast.

Step 1 – Teams. We need teams. Who are the AQ’s and who are the rest? Methodology. Since we don’t have actual conference champions just yet, we are going with the highest-ranked teams. If they are outside the top-50, I am using how they appear in my extended ‘unpublished’ rankings (I can play this game too, ITA!). One caveat — I will also check the standing to make sure I am not blatantly missing anyone.

The AQs

AQ estimate as of 04-10-17

So now that we have the teams, let’s lay out the seeds.

Of the 31 AQ’s, only nine are within the top-40. So we take the top-42 in the ITA, plus the 22 from the AQ list and we are full. Of course Utah State is 42 and University of Portland is 43, so #44 Texas Tech sneaks in.

The Seeds

Seed estimate as of 04-10-17

Next Stop – Check the corners

What I mean by this is let’s check the check the 8-9 seed, the 16-17 and the 32-33. Have they played each other and should they swap spots? I really do not care about too many other seeding locations right now. Although this may change later this week or next, it has no effect right now and we can move on.

Travel Grids

legend (RED = in Conference, GREEN = within 400 miles, PURPLE = been sent there within last two years, AQUA = BINGO!)

Travel Distances for Projected 1’s and 2’s

Travel Distances for Projected 1’s and 3’s

Travel Distances for Projected 1’s and 4’s

So I’ve placed the fours. A variety of reasons for where they went, but for the most part using the rules of whether they played there recently, are they within 400 miles and then for the ones that travel to the West Coast, is there a somewhat major airport nearby.

Wake Forest – South Carolina State
Ohio State – Eastern Kentucky
Virginia – St. Francis
Baylor – Marist
Oklahoma State – Northern Arizona
Southern California – Denver
UCLA – NM State
Texas – Lamar
TCU – James Madison
Texas A&M – East Tennessee St
Georgia – Presbyterian
California – Butler
North Carolina – Navy
Michigan – Buffalo
Stanford – Valporaiso
Florida – Alabama State

I will post the completely finished pods shortly. I figured this was enough for one reading…

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