OU a top-16 and What Happens If Texas Tech Runs The Table

I had someone ask if Texas Tech would be a Top-16 seed and host if they ran the table… well, no. They get about as high as 27th. Here’s the top-50 if Tech wins out and seeds hold, based on the results in so far today.

BTW, the Aggies are very excited to know OU will not be a top-16 seed and travel to College Station. Don’t worry, I hope to create a bracket tomorrow night and give my predictions.

1    Wake Forest University
2    University of Virginia
3    UCLA
4    Ohio State University
5    University of Southern California
6    Baylor University
7    TCU
8    Texas A&M University
9    California
10    North Carolina
11    University of Texas
12    Oklahoma State University
13    University of Georgia
14    University of Oklahoma
15    University of Florida
16    University of Michigan
17    Stanford University
18    University of South Carolina
19    Mississippi State University
20    University of Oregon
21    Georgia Tech
22    University of South Florida
23    Northwestern University
24    University of Illinois
25    Columbia University
26    Cornell University
27    Texas Tech University
28    University of Mississippi
29    University of Kentucky
30    University of Central Florida
31    Tulane University
32    University of Wisconsin
33    Florida State University
34    University of Memphis
35    Duke University
36    UC Santa Barbara
37    University of Arkansas
38    University of Minnesota
39    SMU
40    University of Portland
41    Purdue University
42    Rice University
43    Georgia State University
44    University of Louisville
45    Utah State University
46    Vanderbilt University
47    University of Washington
48    University of Notre Dame
49    University of Tennessee
50    University of Utah

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