Friday Night Seeds and Travel Grids

We are closing down the back stretch. Just two days of tennis remain. So who is in?

If we use all of the current results and project the remaining top seeds as AQ’s, then here it is!

1    Wake Forest University
1    University of Virginia
1    Ohio State University
1    UCLA
1    TCU
1    University of Southern California
1    Baylor University
1    Texas A&M University
1    California
1    North Carolina
1    Oklahoma State University
1    University of Texas
1    University of Georgia
1    University of Oklahoma
1    University of Florida
1    Stanford University
2    University of Michigan
2    Mississippi State University
2    University of South Carolina
2    Georgia Tech
2    University of South Florida
2    Northwestern University
2    Columbia University
2    University of Illinois
2    University of Oregon
2    Cornell University
2    University of Mississippi
2    Tulane University
2    University of Central Florida
2    University of Wisconsin
2    University of Kentucky
2    Florida State University
3    University of Memphis
3    Duke University
3    UC Santa Barbara
3    University of Arkansas
3    SMU
3    University of Minnesota
3    Purdue University
3    Georgia State University
3    Rice University
3    University of Louisville
3    University of Tennessee
3    Utah State University
3    Pepperdine
3    Drake University
3    East Tennessee State University
3    University of Richmond
4    Valparaiso University
4    University of Denver
4    New Mexico State University
4    Texas A&M-Corpus Christi
4    Tennessee Tech University
4    University at Buffalo
4    DePaul University
4    Florida Gulf Coast University
4    University of Idaho
4    UNC Wilmington
4    Monmouth University
4    U.S. Military Academy
4    Presbyterian College
4    Bryant University
4    Florida A&M University
4    Alabama State University

As you know, the first thing we need to do is create travel grids. So here we go:

Travel grid for 1-2 seeds

Travel Grid for 1-3 Seeds

Travel Grid 1-4 seeds

So that’s where we stand. I am sure you can see where a few people are heading. The 1-2’s are amazingly spread out.

Just a few more days and it will all be official.

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