Saturday Night Special — men’s projections

It is late Saturday night and it is time to make some projections. The PAC 12 Championship is currently playing, but it really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Sure it’s USC-UCLA for the 3,784th time, but they are going to both be top-8 seeds, so they do not matter to the minutiae of the bracket.

Here are the top-50, assuming UCLA wins (but really won’t affect much)

1    Wake Forest University
2    University of Virginia
3    Ohio State University
4    UCLA
5    University of Southern California
6    TCU
7    Baylor University
8    California
9    North Carolina
10    Oklahoma State University
11    University of Texas
12    University of Georgia
13    Texas A&M University
14    University of Oklahoma
15    University of Florida
16    Stanford University
17    University of Michigan
18    Mississippi State University
19    Georgia Tech
20    University of South Carolina
21    University of South Florida
22    Northwestern University
23    Columbia University
24    University of Oregon
25    University of Illinois
26    Cornell University
27    University of Mississippi
28    Tulane University
29    University of Central Florida
30    University of Wisconsin
31    University of Kentucky
32    Texas Tech University
33    Florida State University
34    University of Memphis
35    Duke University
36    UC Santa Barbara
37    University of Arkansas
38    SMU
39    University of Minnesota
40    Purdue University
41    Rice University
42    Georgia State University
43    University of Louisville
44    Utah State University
45    University of Tennessee
46    Vanderbilt University
47    University of Portland
48    University of San Diego
49    University of Washington
50    Cal Poly

Of course it has been stated that Texas Tech,Tennessee and Vanderbilt cannot advance to the tournament since they are under .500….

The travel grid for the 1-2 seeds hasn’t changed at all since last night.

Travel grid for 1-2 seeds

The grid for third seeds has changed a bit.

Travel Grid for 1-3 seeds

This kind of makes me think Valpo is heading to Ohio State.

Travel Grid 1-4 seeds

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