Men’s Seeds and Where the 3 and 4 Seeds May Go

I am still working with the 1-2 mappings. It is a real issue because there are so many issues I feel are not cool to some schools because of travel maximization.

Do you send South Florida back to Florida? Do you make Florida State go back to Athens for a third-straight year? Shouldn’t Wake get Kentucky instead of South Carolina due to seeding? But if you do that, then you cannot maximize the ‘bus’ trips.

I will work on this today and get back.

Here are the seeds

1    Wake Forest University
1    University of Virginia
1    Ohio State University
1    University of Southern California
1    UCLA
1    TCU
1    Baylor University
1    California
1    North Carolina
1    Oklahoma State University
1    University of Texas
1    University of Georgia
1    Texas A&M University
1    University of Oklahoma
1    University of Florida
1    Stanford University
2    University of Michigan
2    Mississippi State University
2    Georgia Tech
2    University of South Carolina
2    University of South Florida
2    Northwestern University
2    Columbia University
2    University of Oregon
2    University of Illinois
2    Cornell University
2    University of Mississippi
2    Tulane University
2    University of Central Florida
2    University of Wisconsin
2    University of Kentucky
2    Florida State University
3    University of Memphis
3    Duke University
3    University of Arkansas
3    UC Santa Barbara
3    SMU
3    University of Minnesota
3    Purdue University
3    Rice University
3    Georgia State University
3    University of Louisville
3    Utah State University
3    University of Portland
3    University of San Diego
3    Drake University
3    East Tennessee State University
3    Valparaiso University
4    Lamar University
4    University of Denver
4    Butler University
4    University at Buffalo
4    Tennessee Tech University
4    UMKC
4    Virginia Commonwealth University
4    UNC Wilmington
4    Florida Gulf Coast University
4    University of Idaho
4    Monmouth University
4    U.S. Military Academy
4    Presbyterian College
4    Bryant University
4    Florida A&M University
4    Alabama State University

But I do have a pretty good feeling on the threes and fours and here they are.

Travel Grid for 4-Seeds. Those in BLUE are projected sites

Travel Grid for 3-Seeds. Those in BLUE are projected sites

and the threes.


2 thoughts on “Men’s Seeds and Where the 3 and 4 Seeds May Go

  1. Rambler says:

    Washington has a direct, decisive head to head win over Portland. They also have wins over Minnesota, Utah State, and U San Diego. Could these be factors for the committee?

  2. granger says:

    Very valid questions. I believe this may help, but that part of the whole methodology is very hazy IMO. I understand you get one point for certain things or two for multiple wins, but can you jump the AQ to get to the last in?

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