Sometimes You Need a Little Help — men’s bracket redux

I admit it. I screwed up some details on a few sites that do could not be due to conference rules. That was just doing it all independently and not double-checking it. Been a little busy at work, actually and staying up way too late for this.

If I had actually put the pods together, it would’ve been discovered. I was rushed.

Anything I type beyond here that is wrong I will just blame on the two Benadryl I took this evening.

Here are the updated grids

updated one-two grids


updated one-three grid


updated one-four grid

2 thoughts on “Sometimes You Need a Little Help — men’s bracket redux

  1. granger says:

    I always work bottom left towards the top-right or visa versa. You look at the travel distances and try to get the most under 400 miles in there. Then continue as best you can, giving the higher seeds the lowest seeded team. The priority though is those under 400 trips

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